Audi Sway Bars

A stabilizer (sway) bar tries to keep the car's body flat by moving force from one side of the body to another. When you go into a turn, the front suspension member of the outside of the turn gets pushed upward. The arm of the sway bar gets pushed upward, and this applies torsion to the rod. The torsion them moves the arm at the other end of the rod, and this causes the suspension on the other side of the car to compress as well. The car's body tends to stay flat in the turn. Adding aftermarket sway bars to your vehicle improves on the stock handling. Most cars are designed with comfort in mind and not performance. For incresed performance, add increased sized sway bars.


S4 B6/8E stock used front sway bar

By Audi
This is a used factory sway bar Audi part#- 8E0 411 309 N

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