Audi Torsen Center Differential Upgrade


Unfortunately, STaSIS has closed its doors and we can no longer stock STaSIS parts. Please message us if you have any questions regarding this announcement or are in need of suitable substitutions and we will be more than happy to help.


Tuning the center differential provides one of the most significant performance gains available to the Quattro owner. The standard torsen center differential in the S4 and A4 provides a 2:1 torque distribution capability. This enables the end of the car with traction (generally the rear) to deliver twice the torque being delivered by the least tractive end of the vehicle (generally the front). For high performance street cars, we recommend a bias ratio of 4:1. This is the same bias ratio that Audi has provided in the stock RS4 driveline.

Torsen Differentials deliver more torque to the wheels that have more traction. The STaSIS high bias torsen provides a dramatic improvement in negotiating a turn quickly and efficiently. Now your car can be 3 cars in one( front, all and rear wheel drive):

Hard braking leading into a turn
Car acts like a front wheel drive – torsen acts like an open differential when its not under power. Wheels turn independently and car control is improved.

Mid Corner, Throttle On
Car acts like an all wheel drive– torsen delivers equal amounts of power to front and rear wheels. This maximizes grip, allowing more power to be applied at this stage of a turn.

Corner Exit, Hard Acceleration
Car acts like a rear wheel drive car – front wheel slip is rediced because the torsen delivers up to 88% of the engine torque to the rear wheels where the most traction is.

For Manual Transmissions Only

Core Exchange

There is a core charge of $1000 if we send out a STaSIS center differential to you. When you exchange your center differential for a STaSIS unit, send your differential back to STaSIS and we will refund the $1000 core charge.

You may also send your differential to us for modification and not incur a core charge. We can usually modify and ship out your modified differential the same day we receive it.

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