Coilover Suspension Installation


Coilovers are a suspension designed to be adjustable to tailor to an individuals driving style.

All coilovers are height adjustable and variations for dampening adjustability are also available. We work with the industry's best to provide the best solutions for the driver's preferences.

Coilover Systems are installed in a similar fashion to shocks and springs. However, a coilover often reuses some parts of the factory suspension and these components may need to be disassembled and reassembled. In addition, the coilover systems are sent assembled but we prefer to disassemble the kit itself to lube all the threaded components to ensure that they do not seize over time. We then reassemble them and preset their ride heights. Once a coilover is installed, the ride height needs to be adjusted accordingly. This process involves re-installing the wheel package and settling the suspension by taking the vehicle for a short test-drive. Once settled, the owner is consulted for desired ride height adjustments. The vehicle then has to be raised again in order to relieve the suspensions tension and access the height adjustments.

Additionally, some factory suspensions now include electronic dampening control. Coilover manufacturers are addressing this by offering coilover kit variations to accommodate the factory system, or they supply solutions to provide the proper signals to the vehicle. These solutions may often require additional installation time and are not included in the price.



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