BMW 135i/335i/535i Active Processor AP2

The Active Processor 2 features Digital Technology with 4-d mapping capability that allows you to maximize your engine's potential gains while making sure your car is still running well within its "safe" limits.

The Active Processor 2 also includes the added benefit of eight (8) different pre-programmed tuning files that were custom tuned for various performance criteria. One can select from various boost levels and power curves as well as custom tunes to accomodate for performance upgrades that include but are not limited to hi-flow performance exhausts, performance filters, downpipes, intercooler upgrades, and higher octane fuels.

Selection of these varied tuning files can be performed and uploaded by the driver and does not require special tools. A simple set of specific instructions are included and explain how to use your gas pedal to choose your preferred map. Once installed, anyone can select these specific tuned files over and over again.

The Active Processor 2 comes with a wire harness kit, detailed CD installation instructions and ancillary hardware for a clean and simple installation.

Buyer should be aware that such performance modifications may and can possibly void the BMW factory warranty.

•Program #0 - 8 psi peak, then tapers to 5psi boost, STOCK setting
•Program #1 - 11-12 psi boost. Use with 91 RON octane
•Program #2 - 13-14 psi boost. Use with 91 RON octane
•Program #3 - 13-14 psi boost. MORE Aggressive mid range Torque
•Program #4 - 13-15 psi boost. Use with 93 RON octane
•Program #5 - 13-15 psi boost. MORE Aggressive mid range Torque
•Program #6 - 13-15 psi boost. MORE + Aggressive mid range Torque
•Program #7 - 13-15 psi boost. Use with Intercooer, Down Pipes on 93 RON octane
•Program #8 - 13-15 psi boost. Use with Intercooer, Down Pipes on Race Fuel

Key Features

Dyno measured increase in horspower of 80 HP and 80 Ft/Lbs gains
Compact Size Unit makes it almost undetectable
Eight (8) distinct tuned files pre-programmed within each AP-2 for easy access
Easy tuned files selection program
Full Control Over Fuel and Boost parameters and Ignition
Reliable and compatible with latest BMW Factory software uploads
Stabe boost increase delivery
4-D Mapping Technology
Install Using Factory BMW Pins
Completely Reversible
Easy to Install

Performance Specs
Power 71+ RWHP : (Stock Exhaust) Expect Higher gains when equipped with AA Exhaust and Intercooler upgrades
Torque 85+ Ft Lbs of torque : (Stock Exhaust) Expect Higher gains when equipped with AA Exhaust and Intercooler upgrades
1/4 Mile: 11.9-12.9

About Active Autowerke

A passion to be world classBrothers Mike and Karl Hugh were bred to play with power, it seems. As young men growing up on an island, doing things correctly for oneself became their ingrained credo. Their adolescent projects – bicycles and dirt bikes – were always the best performing. And that soon set the tone for the BMW tuning hobby they graduated to.

By 1981, Mike and Karl were ready to get serious about their longstanding passion for a higher standard of BMW performance. Active Autowerke was born. Their motto at the time: "Anything and Everything BMW". They probably should have included “everyone” in there, too – since the endeavor was a classic family affair – with many branches of the Hugh family tree pooling their talents.

The timing was ideal, and the company quickly grew as America’s motoring public developed a healthy appetite for the Bavarian treat. Soon Active Autowerke had grown into the largest independent BMW service center in Florida – with the most sophisticated equipment arsenal in the industry, certifications from leading componentry firms such as the Robert Bosch Corporation, and repute for setting the benchmark for service, integrity and professionalism.

But this was just the beginning of the story.

By late 1995, Karl realized precisely what the future was all about, as he focused the company back toward its purest roots: the addictive thrill of turning a fast BMW ... into a faster BMW. A BMW with aspirations far beyond the norm.

As a graduate of University of Miami School of Engineering with a specialty in Internal Combustion Engines, Karl began to work in earnest on this vision. In less than a year, working with some of the most respected professionals in automobile performance, the first Active Autowerke M3 & 325i Turbo Kits were born.

Many rave reviews and magazine articles later, these kits and their many successors since have become well known for their durability, clever bolt-on engineering, affordable pricing – and their ability to breathe fire into the everyday BMW and its owner. No longer a brand known just around Florida, today’s Active Autowerke is known worldwide for its line of flawlessly engineered and manufactured performance parts for the entire Beemer.

Yet this, it seems, is still just the middle of the story.

As new models and challenges continue to be born, Active Autowerke continues to invent – and deliver – world class, new ideas and innovations that make them run better. The Hugh brothers can’t help it. It’s been in their genes from the beginning.

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