VW Golf Jetta MK4 Gas 1999 - 2004 3- Way Adjustable Sprint Booster Throttle Upgrade for Automatic Transmissions


AT 1999-2005 All Gas Engines

SprintBooster is a Plug-n-Play Performance Upgrade for your Model Year 2000 or later VW vehicle. This is an upgrade that you can feel with normal everyday driving, not just on the track at redline like most other performance upgrades!

Most cars in the 21st century have replaced the more conventional throttle cable for an ECM (Electronic Control Module) that translates how hard the pedal is pushed into electronic signals in order to provide power to the wheels.

The ETC (Electronic Throttle Control), which is also known as Drive-By-Wire, has the unfortunate downside of delayed response and subdued acceleration, which can create problems in certain situations such as up-hill starts, quick gearchanges and overtaking.

SprintBooster overcomes this throttle response delay for your vehicle by providing crisp, on-tap acceleration for whenever the driver demands it.

All our Sprint Boosters feature Selectable Programming! This enables the user to choose between 3 throttle response settings: Program 1 (moderately improved response), Program 2 (aggressively improved response) and Stock. The included switch can either be connected all the time and mounted on the dashboard, or connected only when switching and then removed.

Get more from your vehicle, fit a SprintBooster today!

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* This is a product that you need to 'feel' to believe - we are so confident that you will LOVE this product, we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee - no questions asked. What is SprintBooster?

About Sprint Booster

Since the inception of drive-by-wire technology, drivers have been disappointed with the inherent throttle delay associated with the system.  This is why Boulekos Dynamic developed Sprint Booster and proudly brought the product to market in 2005.

Five successful years and more than 100,000 units later we are excited for the debut of the latest Selectable and Programmable Sprint Booster at SEMA 2009. The new generation of Sprint Booster debuted at SEMA SHOW 2009 winning one of the most important awards in aftermarket industry , the ‘SEMA BEST NEW PERFORMANCE-STREET PRODUCT 2010’ award among 1400 new products. The new version was also honored with three ‘SEMA GLOBAL MEDIA AWARDS’ as voted by a group of international Journalists from automotive media around the world (28 judges from 16 key automotive markets)

This second generation Sprint Booster is a direct result of input provided by our partners and their customers.  The entire Boulekos Dynamic family is grateful for the ideas and support our business partners have provided.

SPRINT BOOSTER is manufactured in Greece and it’s been exported to more than 30 countries around the world for the last five years. It is a patented product (PCT WO2007066155), has successfully passed the TUV tests and it is certified with European Conformity type approval (EC type approval mark No e24031712).

We are so confident in this product, that we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee.



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