Maserati GranTurismo S Sport Compressor System (fits GT-S model only) by Novitec

Part # M1 002 02
Price: $35,990.00 Each

NOVITEC's Sport Compressor system takes your GT-S to another level with a self-oiled centrifugal supercharger, modified air-induction, and reflashed ECUs. Temperatures for the force-fed air are kept to a minimum by an air-water intercooler system, and boost is set at 5.3 psi.

On the performance side of things, power leaps from 440 to 600 hp, and torque bounds from 361 to 433 lb-ft.

0-62 mph is accomplished in a scant 4.2 seconds, down from the factory 4.9 seconds, and more than enough to give your Ferrari-driving neighbor a surprise at the lights!

System can only be installed by a Novitec Engineer. Upon purchase of the system, arrangements will be made to perform the installation. Installation costs are addtional. 

About Novitec

The Novitec Rosso bi-compressor engines for the current Ferrari models are well respected due to the highest quality workmanship and technology and hence have an excellent reputation globally. The best possible production quality, functionality and leading design are the unmistakable characteristics of each component of the exclusive Novitec Rosso program for Ferrari and Maserati sport cars.

The highly trained and committed Novitec-staff headquartered in Stetten, Germany is dedicated to fulfilling new challenges and looking after needs of Novitec Rosso clients and partners worldwide.

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