Mercedes CLS55/CLS63 W219 AMG Evosport High Performance Brake Pads, Front (Street)

Offer better brake bite and modulation over stock pad with less brake dust. Allow for use of
stock brake pad wear sensors. Front set ONLY. Recommended when changing brake discs.

About EvoSport

 The Company

evosport was founded in 1999 by Brad Otoupalik and Simon Atik. Their vision was to provide owners of high-line European automobiles a "one-stop shop" for all of their performance and visual enhancement needs. With a relentless passion, they have continued to increase the company's depth and breadth in pursuit of that vision. Today, evosport is a dynamic high-growth company and an industry leader in the delivery of premier aftermarket products and services for BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari automobiles. It has become recognized as a world-class performance tuner.

Whereas there are several sources for aftermarket parts, there are few companies that can also provide comprehensive installation and service capabilities for sophisticated aftermarket products. There are even fewer that have the ability to successfully complete complex engine development projects or fabricate custom products. And there is only a small handful with the in-house engineering expertise and experience to design and produce a comprehensive line of ultra-high-performance products for today's increasingly sophisticated European cars. evosport is truly one of the very few U.S. companies that excels in all of these disciplines.

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of evosport's reputation and success. A few examples of our past successes include:

  • evosport designed and manufactured underdrive accessory pulleys used for years by several leading BMW race car teams in the Speed World Challenge Touring Car Series to gain a competitive advantage

  • evosport underdrive accessory pulleys providing measurable power gains for a broad range of Mercedes and BMW models

  • Unique state-of-the-art internally dampened evosport crank pulley providing measurable power gains for X55 Mercedes AMG models

  • evosport cooling package with high-capacity electric water pump and supplemental heat exchanger receives rave reviews and provides significant value to X55 Mercedes AMG owners worldwide

  • Mercedes E55's with evosport evolution I power package (underdrive accessory pulleys, dampened overdrive crank pulley and software) and evolution II power package (headers and plugs/wires and enhanced software), and 80mm throttle bodies producing over 600 HP - an increase of over 130 HP from stock (a 27% power gain)

  • evosport BMW e46 M3 supercharger package delivering over 500 RWHP

  • evosport/PowerChip software providing substantial power gains, increased throttle response and elimination of top-speed limiters to several BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari models

  • evosport/AEM state-of-the-art engine management systems providing substantial power gains and tuning flexibility to both track and street cars at a competitive price

A few additional examples of our recent successes include:

  • evosport crank pulley, headers and software providing unmatched power gains for new BMW M5 and M6 models

  • evosport exhaust headers for BMW and Mercedes vehicles quickly becoming the standard for performance and quality at a reasonable price
  • evosport built BMW 2.1 liter M50 engine with custom evosport turbo system reliably producing over 650 RWHP in actual race conditions

  • evosport Mercedes SL55 with evolution I & II power packages, cooling upgrade package, 80mm throttle body and evosport-designed electronically controlled NOS system, safely producing over 730HP and over 800 ft.lbs. of torque (with more bottle available)
  • Mercedes CLK63 Black Series with evosport equal-lenth long-tube stainless headers, evosport pulley and software, evosport bolt-in chromoly street rollbar, evosport aero package, evosport track package, and more... setting a world standard for this incredible limited edition car.

And there is much more on the way!

This is not just a business to us - it's our passion and our daily adrenalin rush! We live and breathe this stuff. You will see us racing at both club and professional levels. From racing we learn firsthand how our products perform and how well they work with one another in the harshest of conditions. You will see us at high-performance driving schools, instructing others in the skills necessary to safely take advantage of the capabilities of today's high-performance European cars.

You probably have seen articles on our cars in several leading auto magazines that focus on European marques. Undoubtedly you will be seeing much more of evosport in major trade publications in the coming months as we complete even more interesting and dramatic Euro project cars. Click Here to visit our news section.

When you see an evosport decal or badge on a street or track car, give them a thumbs-up.

Welcome to the world of evosport. It's great fun in our world!

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