VW MK5 Golf GTI/ Jetta GLI 2.0T FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade by APR - Rebuild ONLY (MS100017)

APR offers a rebuild service for your existing fuel pump. Your pump will be removed and sent directly to APR for the modification. We store the vehicles inside our warehouse while the pump is out for upgrade. Upon arrival, the pump is thoroughly inspected to ensure that the internal components are still within their service life. Once the modifications are performed, the unit is tested prior to retun. The APR fuel pump tester is a key element in the APR fuel pump production process. With the fuel pump tester we are able to perform several tests to ensure every pump is working to the high standards we have set for it. First the fuel pump tester allows us to perform the critical initial break-in of the new pump. By bringing the pump up to the full operating pressure, we can confirm that the seals in the pump are properly installed and not leaking. We are also able to verify operation of the fuel pump selenoid to ensure the fuel is being injected at the right time and in the right amount. Finally, a performance test is performed to make sure that the pump output is within specifications. This level of quality control ensures a lifetime of worry free miles with an APR FSI high pressure pump. NOTE - A used pump can be deemed unfit for rebuild even without noticeable drivability concerns. At tht point, the unit will be returned unmodified.

Attention International Buyers! We cannot ship APR products internationally. We are authorized to ship products within the United States Only.

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