Tesla Model S P90D with Matte Chrome Blue and ADV.1 Wheels

We received this car in a stock black and immediately went to work wrapping it in a unique color. The two part film uses a base chrome material with a translucent blue overlay. The result is this stunning iridescent finish that quickly catches ones eye. We then added a complete wide body kit from Revozport that supplied overarch flares, front and rear diffuser and side skirts. The entire kit is made of carbon fiber which we minimally wrapped leaving the lower pieces exposed. The wheels were sourced from ADV1 and measure 21x9.5 in the ront and 21x11 in the rear. The outer lip is finished in gloss black and the center is matte black. The inner barrels and hardware are painted a translucent blue to match the exterior. The tires are Michelin Pilot Suoer Sport in 285x30x21 and 325x30x21 and the stance was adjusted using lowering links.