Audi R8 V10 Spyder With Airlift 3H System, Universal Air Suspension, and APR Stage 1 ECU Tune

The R8 is an universal fan favorite with nearly all the boxes checked for the requirements of sports car; stunning curvy lines, powerful engine, orchestral exhaust note, and sleek low-lying profile. This is a car that screams its presence everywhere it goes and demands attention without even trying. There's not much on it that needs improvement but that has never stopped us before. Luckily for us, that's never stopped our customers either.


When we first ventured into the world of air ride, we never imagined it would culminate into such an awesome build. But before we knew it, this beauty arrived on our doorstep looking to get low. How could we say no?  


Ordering our pieces from Air Lift Performance, the masters of #lifeonair , we knew the Audi's new lowered lifestyle would be in great hands. To really push this project to the next level, we also added more power to its V10 engine, courtesy of APR.  


This red hot looker was such a spotlight stealer that when the team at Chicago Pneumatic stopped by to discuss our track program sponsorship, they were so taken with the build, they wanted to show it off! So the R8 went off on a cross country road trip to be one of the star's of the SEMA show! 


The R8 couldn't be boring if it tried so anything we did would have been awesome but for a build that sits this low, it truly set the bar sky high. With its intense new ride height and the power to back it up, the Audi's presence became that much more thrilling and alluring. Try ignoring this lady in red, we dare you.

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