Audi RS5 with ABT Limited Edition 1 of 50 RS5-R Kit

ABT loves a good project and so do we. The greater the challenge, the more it excites them and the harder the goal, the stronger the end result. After setting their sights on Audi's powerhouse sportback, the B9 RS5, and fully revamping it as only they could, the ABT RS5-R kit debuted and the world took notice. Unsurprisingly, our customers did too and soon, the phenomenal build you see above came into being. We are proud to present to you this Nardo grey RS5 Sportback we did together with ABT America.
Amplifying all of its best qualities from the factory, ABT hit every major category to take the RS5 from its status as an already impressive favorite of Audi's offerings to an unrivaled road-conquering show stopper. ABT applied their multitude of Audi experience to perfectly select and upgrade each component and bring the lucky 50 customers the best final product. The special RS5s that find this kit installed can boast of style and substance as the ABT RS5-R kit brings a large power increase, efficient suspension upgrades, a resounding exhaust system, attractive wheels, and carbon fiber both inside and outside of the vehicle.
They aren't claiming a casual power boost either, fine tuning the 2.9L to bring forth an enthusiastic 530 HP and 509 lb-ft torque, an 80 HP and 67 lb-ft increase over the motor's stock 450 and 422 respectively. This is truly good news for every kind of enthusiast as ABT loves a car that's as fun in the corners as the straights. They made sure to pair the added power with increased suspension to bring you a riveting experience no matter when or where.
The RS5-R already shouts its existence to those around it simply with its looks and performance but ABT wanted to be sure absolutely no one could ignore these Audis when in their presence. The package includes a growling exhaust system, topped off with carbon fiber tips, providing a fitting soundtrack of pure power.
Now let's talk about the obvious: the stunning appearance. Adding glossy carbon fiber from bumper to bumper, the RS5-R package adds a front lip, front flics, front grille frame, rear spoiler, rear skirt add-on, and inside an ABT shift knob cover, door sills, and integrated entrance lights. To remind you of your elite standing, each owner receives a badge that proudly touts its "ABT RS5-R 1 of 50" status. The package is completed with a set of ABT's sharp and distinctive 21' Sport GR wheels.
With all these upgrades coming together and culminating in a quite a remarkable package, it was no surprise the owner of this grey RS5 was more than willing to pull the trigger and bring it to his garage. Even COVID’s lock down protocols couldn’t stop him. Before the owner even set eyes on his stock RS5, he arranged for the vehicle to be delivered straight from the dealership to have the kit installed and then transported to his door. The final product was such a hit, our friends at Audi Club couldn't wait to feature it in the quarterly magazine, Quattro Quarterly.
With such a stellar end result, we knew we had to share with our fellow enthusiasts. Check out the video below to see and hear the power the RS5-R kit adds to the exceptional Audi. Are you ready to become the next lucky owner to boast a rare ABT R kit on your vehicle? See the end of this email for ABT's limited edition kits or message us and put together a kit entirely your own!

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