2008 Audi A4 GMP Performance Track Day Project Car

This 2008 A4 2.0T was purchased by us to play around with at the track and to do any sort of random R&D. 

Since the A4 is going to be used on track during most of it's life but will also be driven daily. Keeping that in mind the comfort needs to stay high on the list while making sure it's a blast on track days. The first things on the list before just adding alot of power was to make sure it could stop and turn without any worries.

Sponsors: Audizine, CMP, Brembo, BF Goodrich, TSW, Bilstein, Recaro, APR, RH Wheels.

RH AW Crosslines


This set up requires the special RH adapting system

Car shown, is lowered with a Bilstein PSS 9 kit

Tires set up: 235/35x19 Michelin Pilot sport

Timing belt & Water pump install

Engine Installation

Brembo front brake install

BF Goodrich Rival Track Tires


The Rival is BFG’s track day tire. With a 200 treadwear rating, it meets many organizations minimum requirements and provides ample grip for lapping days. This tire can be installed and driven on to the track carrying a DOT approval. We enjoy using this tire and in testing, have been a mere second and a half off a DOT slick with a 40 treadwear, while being able to enjoy the benefits of street drivability.

Interior trim wrap

We removed the wood trim and wrapped it with a carbon fiber vinyl.

Schroth Harnesses

Hotchkis Sway Bars & Coolant Leak

Tire Patch

Control Arm Installation

We installed a set of our camber adjustable upper cotrol arms to get the optimal camber setting for a street car that will be driven at the track. We wanted to put a little bit of negative camber so that we dont roll over the front tires and destroy the sidewalls.

Brake Lines


TSW Nurburgring Wheels

APR Cold Air Intake

Stern Engine Mounts