2001 BMW M3 Track Car

This 2001 M3 was delivered to us on a trailer, but for all the right reasons. Our customer picked this car up to go racing with, however there were a few things that needed to be addressed before heading to the track. The majority of things that needed to be taken care of consisted in the drivers compartment because safety is always the most important step of any race car. Due to the previous owner being a smaller person, a different seat had to be installed and with it a set of pedals and a flat floor was also added in.

After all the interior issues are taken care of the car its self-needed to be checked over and made ready for regular use again. We started out with exchanging all the fluids in the car, doing a full check over of all components on the car and replacing the older warn out tires.

New Purchase Maintenance

With any car/truck/suv as you drive you put a lot of wear on parts and fluids, so put those same parts on the race track and it's even harder on those parts. During the New Purchase Maintenance we go through the car from front to back exchanging all fluids (power steering/brake/transmission/oil&filter/differential), checking brakes, tires, and whatever other wearable items that might be an issue.

Volk ET22 18" wheels with Toyo R888 tires

Seat Replacement

The seat that came with the car had to be changed out due to being two inches to narrow. Two inches doesn't sound like much but when you have to be in the seat for a few hours it makes a world of difference.

Custom Alignment

Rear Tow Hook

Adjusting Valves

Front Hubs and Studs