2007 Audi A4 w/ Bilstein Coil-overs, Camber Arms, H&R Sway Bar, APR Flash, Stern Motor Mounts & more

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Camber Arms and H&R Sway Bar

Stern Pro-Mount Motor Mount

Oil Pressure Warning Diagnostic / Engine Cleaning

While at a track day at VIR our customer had his oil pressure warning pop on. Fearing the worst he had us trailer it back to the shop adn take a look. So far we have found some sign of carbon buildup in the crankcase and suspect a clogged oil pump pickup tube.

Update: Our thoughts were correct and the oil pickup was completely clogged with carbon buildup. We disassembled the bottom end of the engine and cleaned it up. While there we decided to replace the connecting rod bearings due to the high mileage and the fact that the engine ran (briefly) with very little oil pressure.

Intake Carbon Cleaning, APR Runner Flap Delete