Audi RS7 with ABT Limited Edition 1 of 125 RS7-R Kit

There's great pride to be found in being number one. Whether it's your finishing place in a race, your ranking, or just being the first to accomplsh something, being first feels fantastic! Even though this RS7 can't talk to us personally, we know it's feeling that terrific feeling right now. Because this RS7 is also the first of the limited 125 kits to be completed in the United States!


ABT's RS7-R kit was an aggressive one that caught many eyes upon release, including the eyes of all of us here at GMP Performance. We knew we wanted one of these bad boys in shop from day one so when a customer reached out ready to volunteer his 2021 Audi to the cause, we jumped into action. The transformation took place at our Lake Norman location and as you can see, the results are truly incredible. 

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