Audi RS7 with ABT RS7-R Kit

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GMP Performance is thrilled to share an exciting collaboration that came to fruition recently. In early 2023, a distinguished client of ours reached out to us at our GMP Performance South Atlanta location in Peachtree City, Georgia about the signature limited edition ABT Sportsline RS7-R kit, expressing a desire to source an Audi RS7 and a full RS7-R package through us for installation. As passionate German motoring enthusiasts and an authorized ABT Sportsline dealer, we weremore than happy to oblige, and thus began an exceptional journey in creating their dream vehicle.
Our team, led by GMP Performance South Atlanta store manager Paul Brooker, engaged in in-depth discussions with the client. They delved into every detail to ensure a personalized and tailored experience. From picking the perfect color to customizing the specifications, we left no stone unturned to make their vision a reality. Once we settled on the ideal specifications for the starting point of the build, we set about locally sourcing the correct vehicle to match the client’s vision, promptly locating a 2023 Nardo Gray Audi RS7 with Ceramic Brake package, Black Optic package, Gray RS Design package, Executive package, and Bang and Olufsen Advanced Sound System.
Regarding the project, Paul reminisced, “Any of these projects like this, the client comes to us and asks ‘Can this be done?’ and ‘Can [GMP Performance] do it?’ With this client, as soon as he knew the extensive nature of this build, we had long detailed conversations throughout the build process to ensure that we fulfilled his vision and the build 100%. There’s no 90% with a build like that, it has to be done right. Measure 30 times, cut once.”
With ABT Sportsline USA's invaluable assistance, we sourced the signature limited edition RS7-R kit, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity for this prestigious project. The full RS7-R package includes the ABT Power S ECU, Anti-Roll Bars, Middle Muffler Replacement Pipe and Rear Muffler with four 4” carbon fiber exhaust tips, and flow-formed HR22 wheels in 22”x10”, as well as carbon fiber enhancements and replacement panels from front to back of the vehicle, inside and out. As the installation commenced, we entrusted the skilled hands and meticulous attitude of GMP Performance South Atlanta technician Jarrod Bise, whose expertise and precision brought the kit to life with utmost perfection.
The carbon fiber front fender vents, carbon fiber front lip and bumper blades, and carbon fiber rear bumper vents included in the kit are augmentations to the stock body work, enhancing the already striking features of the 2023 RS7. There’s something inherently unsettling about cutting into the body of a new car, but Jarrod handled the task with a calm and metered demeanor befitting of such a finely crafted tuning package. Measuring once, twice, and a third time for luck, he ensured that the placement of all body modifications to the vehicle were exactly correct before setting about deftly and accurately altering the car.
Jarrod’s gentle and patient craft continued on the interior of the vehicle. Installing the “1 of 125” lighted carbon fiber door sills, carbon fiber seat side panels, and ABT entrance lights required the removal of many interior panels and the front seats. Extreme care was taken through the removal process as to not damage any of the fine leather and alcantara upholstery materials used throughout the interior, and, as each interior panel and piece was replaced with the ABT carbon fiber version, the seats replaced, and the carbon fiber gear selector installed, a cohesive vision began to come together. The lighted “1 of 125” door sills were the last modification made to the car, and as we peeled the protective plastic wrap off, the scale and achievement of this build truly hit home for all involved.
After weeks of painstakingly specific assembly, we couldn’t possibly allow this incredible car to leave our shop without ensuring that its striking presence would be preserved for time to come, and thankfully our client agreed. We fully detailed and prepared the car to strip any protective coatings from the surface and, to protect the exterior from harsh UV damage, sandblasting, and other incidental damage, the paint and exterior carbon pieces were shielded with clear vinyl film before applying a ceramic coating to the entire vehicle exterior, including the wheels. The ceramic treatment continued on the interior, where coatings were applied to protect from UV damage and stains.
While we service, maintain, modify, and upgrade German cars every day, this ABT RS7-R is a standout in our minds. This remarkable endeavor marks a significant milestone for our company. It's the second installation of the signature limited edition ABT RS7-R kit that we've completed, the first being the first RS7-R in North America built by our GMP Performance Lake Norman location. Considering there are only 125 of these RS7-R kits in the world, we take great pride in this impressive achievement. “That was the biggest thing we’ve done here. I’ve done builds like this before, but Jarrod hadn’t. With the time and expertise needed, he knocked it out of the park,” remarked Paul. This achievement is made even greater still by the information we learned upon completion of the build; this RS7 is equipped with the last ABT RS7-R package ever sold. What makes it even more special for the relationship between ABT and GMP Performance is that we were responsible for the first and last in the US.
At our multiple locations throughout the Southeast, we not only cater to local clients but also extend our services to enthusiasts from all over the country. Offering pick-up and delivery options, we ensure that every car receives the attention and care it deserves, no matter where our clients may reside. Upon completion, we personally loaded the car into a covered trailer and delivered direct to the customer, taking pride and comfort in knowing that the freshly completed and detailed condition of the vehicle is how the client would first lay their eyes on their new and unique ride.
We are so excited to reveal the final masterpiece in the Q1_2024 issue of quattro and share it with the world, showcasing the seamless blend of performance, style, and innovation achieved through this exceptional collaboration between GMP Performance and ABT Sportsline.
“Even though I’ve done builds like that before, for a client to trust us and be able to deliver the finished product and see the smile on their face, that’s the best part.”
Photos: Boling.Media/Cade Boling