Custom In-Car Radar Detector Installation


Our custom radar detector installs are performed in-house by our trained technicians following our installation philosophy. Today's more advanced vehicles have modern electronics that maintain constant power, even with the key off. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate the radar system for the best protection and functionality. Some modules power down eventually after 20-30 minutes while others remain active. All installs start by finding a switched power source is critical to avoid adding a power drain item such as a radar detector after the ignition is turned off preventing a module from ever shutting down. We consult with each client and their vehicle to seamlessly integrate the radar detectors with today's advanced vehicle electronic systems. In addition, our goal is to perform the most discreet and durable installation possible. All the wiring is spliced together, soldered, and protected with heat shrink. We offer two install options to fit everyone's desires. The first is a premium installation and is a straightforward install, the industry standard and the one that is found at most dealership. The second is our custom performance installation. This install takes an in-car radar system to the next level for those individuals seeking ultimate "stealth" protection, hidden from sight.

The premium install averages 10 hours and is included in the price of the radar system. The premium install mounts the LED's on an easily accessible trim panel surrounding the dash. The front radar and laser diffusers are attached to the bumper and grills using the supplied brackets. The rear laser diffuser is attached to the license plate with the supplied plate frame. All the supplied hardware is replaced with stainless steel fasteners and the wiring is neatly run along the vehicle's wiring harness.

The performance radar detector installation integrates the LED's into the dash with recessed mounting and LED colors and bezels matching the dash displays. The heads up displays may be mounted in a variety of discreet locations including the rearview mirrors, door pockets, center consoles and even an air vent. We add the front diffusers to the grills and the wiring is designed with bumper removal in mind adding OEM harness disconnects. We thread the radar wiring into the factory vehicle wiring harnesses for an OEM look, undetectable to even the most experienced dealer techs. The supplied brackets are universal and very bulky, restricting the placement of the sensors. During our custom installations, we fabricate aluminum brackets allowing us to conceal the pods beneath the bumpers, fastening them to the actual bumper supports, protecting them from minor impacts.  All supplied hardware is replaced with stainless steel fasteners, which are rustproof. The rear-mounted sensors are removed from the plate frames, and frenched into the vehicle's bumpers or rearwing if possible. Due to the custom nature of the in-car radar detector Performance install, the time involved is documented and charged accordingly. Our most intricate installs have taken up to 40 hours to complete.

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