Porsche GT1 Engine Coolant Pipe Prevention / Pin Fix on GT1 block (GT3, GT2, Turbo) Cars (LABPOR)

We are proud to offer this preventative coolant pipe service to help our clients prevent catastraphic situations when/if the coolant pipe connections fail. We have perfromed this service on cars as preventative service and also on cars that have come in with minor coolant leaks to prevent any further troubles. During this process we remove the engine and go through each coolant pipe connection and install drilled pins to hold the coolant hoses in place and prevent them from coming loose. 

GT1 Block Coolant Pipes:

Here are some quick details on the coolant pipe issues on GT1-block equipped models (GT3, GT2, Turbo). The coolant pipes connections are a common weak point on this engine. When the issue occurs, the coolant pipes come apart while driving and the rapid loss of engine coolant can cause spins/crashes at race tracks when slippery coolant sprays all over the rear tires.

This problem exists on the GT1 motor because there are a few coolant pipes in these motors that are not a single cast piece: the larger cast pieces have extruded inlet/outlet tubes that are connected using an adhesive. There is no metal-to-metal friction or press-fit to keep these tubes in place, so after enough heat cycles the adhesive will loosen up and the tube itself will come out of the cast block (with the hose still attached). This resuls in a rapid loss of engine coolant.

Regardless of how the vehicle is driven, it seems this problem may eventually effect all 996/997 Turbo, GT2 and GT3 models including the 2010+ GT3 and GT3RS. 

Note from our freiends at Sharkwerks:
"We have heard of many cases of this, and in fact the last time we were at Infineon Raceway, Alex and I were talking to someone about it when the exact problem happened to a 997 GT3 right in front of us -- a large steam cloud evacuated the rear of the GT3 and it spun on the hairpin! Luckily he missed the other cars and the barrier"

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Images of the installation process (engine removal required) are linked in the gallery to the right of this information. 

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