2018+ Mercedes G-Series LUMMA CLR G770 Front Grill Frame (G7.100.116)

LUMMA front grille frame
also fitting with standard grille

Since the year 1987 in Germany, LUMMA products are distinguished extremely fine craftsmanship. Internationally renowned designers give the LUMMA design refinement programs their distinctive look, while carefully selected materials guarantee high product quality and first-class workmanship.

At the in-house modeling department the designs are formed into first prototypes by hand and rigorously optimized. Full function tests and measurements ensure that design and functionality work together optimally. All processes inferior to the strict ISO standards as well as the meticulous eyes of our specialists. Moreover, it is the passion and craftsmanship that make LUMMA Design to an internationally acknowledged brand in the field of vehicle refinement. Learn about the numerous individualisation options and experience "Individuality - Made in Winterlingen".