BMW F10 M5/ F12/F13 M6 Racing Dynamics Intake Charge Pipes (139 10 63 010)

High performance aluminum turbocharger intake charge pipes for BMW F1X M5 2011-17 and M6 2012-17 models with S63TU high power engines. Replaces those fragile OEM tubes that are prone to leakage under high pressure acceleration.


  • We have taken extra effort to search for the best pipe bending technology. Our pipes have been manufactured without cutting and welding of sections thereby providing a continuous smooth pipe interior. This extra work provides the best laminar flow of intake air. Pipes are made out of heavy duty 6061 aluminum with a black powder coated finish. Each charge pipe includes 1/8" NPT bungs for connection of methol feed. Bungs come with plugs installed for normal operation.     
  • Kit comes complete with 2 aluminum charge pipes, special mounting bracket for holding lines, hose clamps and connecting hoses.

        Application List:
         BMW M5 f10 2012-17
         BMW M6 f12/f13 2012-17

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