SPF Protectant Paint Coating

Sunscreen For Your Summer Cruiser

It's your paint coating ready for the upcoming summer's UV rays? We've got some recommendations for you to get ready for the harsh summer sun.


While the intense UV rays may be good for your tan, it's not as kind to your vehicle's paint. If your clear coat isn't properly protected from the havoc that direct sunlight can cause, it can start to fail leading to cracking, fading, and oxidation - all things that are easily preventable with a quality paint coating. 


At GMP Performance, we have a huge selection of paint coatings designed to provide maximum protection, self-cleaning effect, extreme gloss, and hydrophobic technology. Below are 3 carefully selected processes we'd like to introduce you to - each has differing levels of difficulty in applying but all provide amazing results designed for enthusiasts of every level. 


Level 1 - Quick Coat: 6 months protection

Level 2 - Intermediate Process: 1 year protection

Level 3 - Advanced Process: 3-5 years protection

Our in house detailing department offers the best in products to perform a top notch detail. From basic hand wash to complete corrective detail, we can take care of your car. While our performance and service shop specilaizes in German vehicles, our detailing department has the skill set and passion to make any make and model vehicle look beautful and remain protected.

We have partnered with some of the most innovative products as well to minimize the environmental impact of a complete detail. From waterless wash chemicals to compound and polishes that are ceramic based with no petroleum solvents or silicone that also won't sling causing a cleanup mess afterwards.


It starts with the equipment. 
The Rupes machines (www.Rupers.com) are italian made and use forced rotation mechanics to guaranteee a finish free from swirls. Only using foam and micro fiber pads, the combination of the Rupes machines and special pads will offer a gorgeous result.

The correct Compound.
Jescar Correcting Compound (www.Jescar.com) is a machine polishing compound developed using an advanced formula of high grade aluminum oxide abrasive with a uniform particle size and will eliminate a minimum of 1500 grit sanding marks, deep scratches, and oxidation on weathered and battered paint. Jescar Correcting Compound contains no fillers, silicones, or waxes to hide defects – it permanently removes them from the surface for a high gloss finish.

Polished to Perfection.
Jescar Micro Finishing Polish, developed using the same advanced abrasive technology as the Jescar Correcting Compound, contains uniform particles that will perfect your paint quickly and consistently. Jescar Micro Finishing Polish contains no fillers, silicones, or waxes that hide paint imperfections – not only making Jescar Finishing Polish body-shop safe, but also a genuine paint polish that will leave your paint looking it’s best.